My First Writing…….


This is my first attempt in writing a piece of article. I know it will not be that much worthy. What i have to do is i just have to start writing something. So i just did it. I love reading very much. Once in my life time my aim is to become a writer. But as life moves on. The interests got shrunk. Actually other things started dominating as i was not that much strong in my wish. Necessities become more prior. We are in need of money. We cant live for passion. Only few peoples are courageous enough to follow their dream. I really wants to hats off for them. And i m sad that i cannot be one of them. I wish I could be.if I became a writer I don’t know whether I will achieve in my life. I don’t know will my writing catch human minds. But if i get an good job i will surely earn money. And that money will bring me an uplift  in the society. This is what my society taught me. Money will give you comfort and good living. So instead of following our wishes. Life will force us to do other things. But inside my heart perpetual sadness will be there that i cant become what i wish for.why world is  like this. Whatever i like. Will never suit me. Is this my fault?? why all going in a wrong way??Is this happening only for me?? Whatever i wish will never happen. Not once. But its all happening in series. So i started learning the fact of life. Whatever i wish. Will never happen. So i just stopped, not stopped gradually i just forget wishing for anything. So whatever i get i just accepted. Even unknowingly when my mind started wishing things. I got only disappointments. Is only my life is like this? Else everyone will be having problem like me. I really don’t know. Whatever happen life  is going on. Once i thought that there are things which i cannot live without. Unbelievable, Time changed everything, i can manage all, so life going happily, Thanks to god. Thanks to time. And very very thanks to people who made me to learn what life is, Thousands of thanks to my lovable friends. I just don’t know whatever happen. Even life is full of disappointments. Life is very happy. I think that is specialty of life. Due to special peoples in life. Life is going very good. Actually i don’t know what this article is about. I just wrote whatever the things came in my mind. If u got irritated by reading this. I m sorry