Peoples Have A Propensity To Fight With Me,

Because They Know I Will Riposte To Ask Sorry;


They Used To Go Away From Me,

Because They Know I Will Follow Them;


They Tend To Hurt Me Always,

Because They Know I Won’t Do The Same To Them;


They Always Raise Their Voice To Me,

Because They Know I Will Lower Mine;


Peoples Treated Me As An Option,

Because They Think They Are My Only Choice;


I Will Never Be The Same,

I Changed A Lot And Lot;


I Won’t Come To You With Sorry, I Have My Own Conceit;

I Will Never Follow You, I Have My Own Way;

I Won’t Hesitate To Hurt U Back, I Became Strong Enough;

I Won’t Be Dumb Anymore, I Know To Squall More Than You;

I Will Show You, I Have More Options Than You;


To Learn How To Live In This Selfish World, I Needed 20 Yrs Of Experience;

I Don’t Wanna Be Used By People Anymore, I Have Started To Live My Own Life. With SMILE 🙂



4 thoughts on “I HAVE CHANGED

  1. It is not change, it is understanding. Each of us that has learned this understanding become more sensitive, giving less away. When less is given foolishly it has more value, and that makes us more valuable to others and to ourselves. When more is given wisely, it becomes even more valuable. People don’t use us as much as they mis-use us.
    Nice posting

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