Why we should wear anklets?

Wearing anklets with big beads, whenever we are walking around we will enjoy the sound it makes.The scientific reason behind is it”s health benefits.Anklets vibrates the energy back to the body.It cure swelling of ankle, back pain and it regulates circulation of blood which reduces swelling problems.

Why we should not wear gold anklets?

Its believed that , one should never wear gold anklets.Gold is equivalent to god Lakshmi.She is goddess of wealth. if we are wearing gold in our feet its like disrespecting god and we will face the consequences in our life.

The exact scientific reason behind it is , gold is a metal which generates heat and silver is a metal that is generates cooling effect.Our lower body should be cool to liberate the heat from our body.So wearing gold anklet is not in tradition and we are following to wear silver anklets always.We wear gold ornaments in upper body , so that the flow of energy from lower to upper body keeps it in a good health




All we need is just water,

The thing that always glatters.

Sometimes to chill and slay,

Sometimes to swim and play.

Sometimes to flush out the worst,

Sometimes to quench our thirst.

Sometimes to float and fly,

Sometimes to hid our cry.

And rarely sometimes,

To drown and die too,

Yes , All we need is just Water.



மரித்தாலும் மாறாதது எனப்படும் நியதிகள்,
மரணத்தால் மாற்றப்படும்.

Not only Death , but also….

No matter how much you beg

No matter how much you cry

No matter how much angry you are

No matter how much upset you are

No matter how unfair it is

All the things doesn’t even matters

Finally you will receive that cruel gift.

This is not only about death,

But also the things that let you to taste the Death,

Just when you are alive…