All we need is just water,

The thing that always glatters.

Sometimes to chill and slay,

Sometimes to swim and play.

Sometimes to flush out the worst,

Sometimes to quench our thirst.

Sometimes to float and fly,

Sometimes to hid our cry.

And rarely sometimes,

To drown and die too,

Yes , All we need is just Water.




Deleted the contact
Erased the photos
Formatted all the notes

Planned calendar events are called off
Still while typing dictionary suggests your Name
It is showing up the stupid meaningless words we talk


தொலைத்ததைத் தேடித் தேடித் தேடலில் தொலைந்தவர்கள் பலர்..
விழித்தெழுந்து வெளிவந்தவர்கள் சிலர்..
தேர்ந்தெடுத்துக்கொள் , நீ பலரிலா அல்லது சிலரிலா என்று.

A look back

After very long time looking back my own blog

Its more of pain

Less of love

More of expectations

Lot more disappointments

I can feel.surely something needs to be changed.

Am strong enough to live my life.feeling great.



I never trusted any one in my life like this..
I will never trust anyone in my life like this..

Biggest mistake in life,first and maybe last
Nothing can replace the lesson it taught
Still am alive. Really feeling about myself Great!!!