A bridge story


In middle of the dark rainy flyover bridge ,

where we were drenched completely in the lovely rain,

You grabbed my hand and pulled me towards you,

Though I had the power to take myself back,I couldn’t.

In between the little drops of rain rolling down the heart,

your warm lips that reached my brows evinced your love without words,

A little forward , our eyes frozen into each others and the everything just still over there

That moment I rested my face in your heart and you held me so tightly,

Though I could breathe hardly , I could survive in this beyond the eternal rest


Abruptly then , the sound horn of the bus below the bridge woke me up,

The clouds slowly rolled back releasing the sun and let it to spread its barren heat everywhere

I slowly started walking down the empty bridge

Travelling back to the reality in which I should continue to exist.

-aaron divi





கலங்கி நின்ற என் கண்ணீர் துளிகளில்,
உன் காதல் என்னும் சூரிய ஒளி பட்டு,
வானவில் போல் மாறியது என் வாழ்க்கை;
ஆனால் வானவில் போல் வந்த சுவடே தெரியாமல் மறைந்து விட்டாய் இன்று.,
உன் விடியலுக்காக காத்திருக்கிறேன் நான் காதலுடன்……





எங்குமே இல்லாத ஒன்றை அனைவரும் தேடுகிறோம்

என்றுமே கிடைக்காது என்று தெரிந்தும் முயற்சியை கைவிடுவதில்லை

Hope I will


God chosen me,

Among millions of millions of people;

He is making me to face troubles,

A lot and lot;


I am tired of trying….

Each and every time, when I thought of quitting,

He just gives me a power;

A power to take up me.


So I think he wants me to do something;

Later on I realized,

Yes, he had chosen me;

But, not to face the troubles;

To stamp down them;

He wants me to muster up my strengths;

He is awaiting to see my triumph over them;


Hope I will.,