That special day


It was that most special day which she was always waiting for,

Its the time to pluck away that thorn which was hurting her so far.


In midst of all the gushing noises,

Could hear loud chanting voices.


And Finally there she was,

In between the shower of flowers,

Her pure heart without any flaws.


Suddenly there was a pause,

Formalities are finally going to cease.


Though she was already tied up with eternal divinity,

I tied the bond for beginning of our relationship.


Yes , It’s going to be a new beginning,for both of us,

For her , with god in the eternity.

For me,without her in this reality.


Lastly,I could happily survive,

If there is any possibility she could revive.

Cry of a girl


I Was Not Dependent On Anyone
I Was Alone
I Was Very Happy
No Cries
No Sorrows
No Worries
No Wounds In My Heart

One Day He Came Into My Life……….
He Gave Me Lots And Lots Of Happiness
He Made Me Laugh Even When I Don’t Want To
He Gave Me Support During My Failures
He Scolded Me For My Mistakes
He Helped Me Though He Know That I Can Do That By Myself
He Said That He Will Be There To Catch Me When I Fall

My Life Changed A Lot….
I Fallen For Him
I Became Dependent
I Really Forgot About Everything
Thought He Was My Everything
I Was In A Fantasy World

Truth Hits Me Hardly
I Don’t Know
What Made Him To Like Me?
And Now
I Really Don’t Know
What Made Him To Hate Me?
I M Only Having Questions
I Am Searching For Answers Which He May Have

He Gave Me Everything When I Not Even Asked……..
And Take Away Everything When I Needed Them The Most……

When He Is Not Ready To Come With Me In Journey Of My Life
Why The Hell Did This All……..
I M Only Having Questions
I Am Searching For Answers Which He May Have

And Now….
I Am Not Dependent On Anyone
I Am Alone
I M Not Happy
I Am Having Wounds In My Heart That Cannot Be Healed
Hope Time May Heal Them All
And Really Thanks For Those Who Teached Me What Life Is
They Made My Heart Strong Enough To Live In This WORLD


Note:I wrote it long back,Its very close to my heart.Am posting it again because i feel like doing it. 🙂




மரித்தாலும் மாறாதது எனப்படும் நியதிகள்,
மரணத்தால் மாற்றப்படும்.


மிக வேகமாய் எதிர் திசையில் சென்று கொண்டிருக்கும் வாழ்க்கையில்,
தொடர்ந்து சென்றாலும் மரணம். தப்பிச்செல்ல குதித்தாலும் மரணம்.


உன் இதழ்களில் பிறந்து,
காற்றினில் மிதந்து,
செவிகளின் வழியே நுழைந்திட்டு
என் உயிரினில் கலந்திட்ட‌
உன் வார்த்தைகளை ‍‍‍ தொலைக்கும் முயற்சியில்
தினம் தினம் தோற்கின்றேன்


நினைக்கவே கூடாது என்று நித்தமும் நினைத்துக்கொண்டே இருப்பதால் தான் மறக்க முடிவதில்லை


எழுதும்போது வரும் பிழைகளை திருத்திக்கொள்வது சமயோஜிதம்
எழுதுவதே பிழை என்று தெரிந்தும் தொடர்வது முட்டாள்தனம்