Prayer To God


It seems to be like my path is going to cease,

Do you want me to rest in peace?

Please tell me,

 Is this the end?

Or just a trend?

Having lots of confusion in mind,

Don’t let my destiny to fade,

My feelings are not for trade,

I always want to be in your shade,

And I assure you my deeds will be always according to your rede.

True love


I can enjoy the feel of true love


It’s the joy of giving,

Without a feel of boring,

I want to be a comforter for your living;


I want to do a lot and lot to you,

But don’t want any repay, even few;


I always want to give you more than you give me,

I don’t want feeling of gratitude,

Because, towards you it is my attitude.



Change is a peculiar thing

Whether it is,

Desirable or undesirable;

Expected or unexpected;

Bringing you up or letting you down;

Interesting or boring;

It will always take some time for us,

To accept and change according to that change.